Corey Spilman


Corey Spilman has been riding BMX for 20 years and is new to the mountain bike scene, having started just three years ago. As the handling skills have translated over to MTB, he has earned a number of podium spots, getting top ten in majority of the races he enters.  He has started getting involved in 6 hour and endurance races.

Off the bike Corey enjoys anything Disney as him and his wife travel to Walt Disney World twice a year. Him and his family are also eclipse chasers, traveling all over the world to witness total solar eclipses. As a new dad, Corey is excited to teach his son how to ride bikes and get involved in the cycling community.

3rd Lake Hope Run to the Hills
3rd Chestnut Ridge Race to the Ridge
3rd Great Seal The Battle of Barbed Wire

Corey Spilman 01.JPG