Jacob Ort


Jacob Ort has been running his whole life from his first frantic ADD driven run from Mom and Dad to his first organized 5k in 5th grade. Jacob grew up running with my Father who was in the military and ran local 5ks and cross country in high school.

Eventually Jacob progressed in to road marathons posting 6 consecutive sub 3:00 hour marathons including his first marathon despite getting lost at mile 24. For the past 5 years Jacob has been running ultra marathons in distances from 100 miles to 50km both road and trail racing.

Jacob has been dedicated to a vegan straight life style for over 12 years and he finds that ultra running is a perfect vehicle for promoting his vegan lifestyle and the issue of living cruelty-free.

When not running Jacob spends time with his wife and young child and likes to read books and be a fan boy for all things Canadian.

Rocks and Roots 2013 50km January 20, 2013 – 2nd overall 4:55:26
Rocks and Roots 2013 50km February 17, 2013 – 3rd overall 5:02:48
Buckeye Buster 50km June 1, 2013 – 2nd overall 5:12:54
50s for Yo Momma May 11, 2013 – 2nd overall 5:06:30
Another Damn 50k June 6, 2015 – 3rd overall 3:53:09
Buckeye Buster 50 Km Jun 7, 2014 – 2nd overall 5:14:11
Hocking Hills Indian Run 60km Sept 19, 2015 – 1st place 5:03:55
Burning River 50 mile August 6, 2016 – 5th overall 8:56:22
Hennepin 100 miler October 1, 2016 – 6th overall 19:03:25