Nicholas Gjoka


Nicholas Gjoka has been riding bikes for most of his life, from his He-Man training wheels bike, to his current collection of Cannondales. He started racing mountain bikes in the early 90s, before punk rock and hardcore music took over. He was a bike messenger in NYC for 10 years, destroying his knees and taxis.

He lives a vegan, straight edge life and loves smashing the myths that you need meat to be strong and drugs and alcohol to have fun.

Last season he finished in 2nd place for the South Eastern Regional Championship series and also for the Georgia State Championship series. This season he has plans to attack even harder with his main goal being XC U.S. Nationals in West Virginia.

If he’s not working on a TV show or movie, he can be found with his wife and kids on awesome adventures in the woods or traveling to eat all the vegan food!

Go follow him on Instagram and Twitter- @nicholasxgjoka