Robert Walsh


Rob Walsh began racing bikes about three years ago. After spending two seasons solely dedicated to road racing, he decided to buy a mountain bike for off-season “cross-training.” Quickly, this new discipline became a serious training endeavor. In 2015, he won the first mountain bike race he ever entered. The next year, Rob won the CT State XC Championship for Cat. 3, 40-49. Rob now spends an equal amount of time racing both road and mountain.

For over ten years, Rob has been dedicated to living a vegan, straight edge lifestyle. He seeks to educate and inspire those around him of the benefits of such a lifestyle. Many dismiss the potential for vegan athletes to excel. Rob plans to continue to prove them wrong.

When not training or racing, Rob spends as much time as possible with his family, on and off bikes (“admittedly, family bike rides are better than my best race results,” he argues). He is the father of three children (with one on the way). When he can find “free” time, Rob uses it to get his geek on, making mixtapes and reading comix. As if those activities weren’t geeky enough, Rob is an academic librarian.


  • Wilmington, NY Circuit Road Race, 2014 – 9th place
  • Hunter-Greene Classic Road Race, 2014 – 6th place
  • Black Fly Challenge MTB Race, 2015 – 1st place
  • Black Fly Challenge MT Race, 2016 – 4th place
  • Tour of the Battenkill, 2016 – 35th place
  • Tokeneke Classic Road Race, 2016 – 22nd place
  • VT 50 MTB Race, 2016 – 12th place
  • Root 66 Northeast XC Mountain Bike Series, 2016 – 9th place overall series
  • 2016 CT State XC Champion, Cat. 3 40-49