Robin Deroek

Multisport Athlete

Robin Deroeck has been doing triathlons, ultra-runs and all sort of multi-sport challenges for about 8 years. Every year he’s still getting better so he’s hoping to put an extra step forward in 2017, doing extreme long distance races.

Robin enjoys the feeling of eating without hurting any living creature, His favorite meal is a vegan spaghetti with beetroot tomato sauce, but he dares to sin and eat vegan pie, candy, but shhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone….

When he’s not sporting, he’s probably hanging around on the train working as a train manager or working as a bike courier (oh wait that’s also sporting…)

Robin Deroeck 10


3rd place Elba Kolossal triathlon 2014 (3 km swim 40 km mtb 120 km bike 30 km run)
1st place The Long Ride Home 2016 (+400 km bike ride)
5th place Kobolt Train 2016 (140 km trail run)
finisher Gigathlon 2015 (3 days, day 1: 8 km mtb 2 run, day 2: 39 km mtb 9 km swim 30 km inline skate 17 trail run 96 bike, day 3: 120 bike, 3 swim, 30 inline skate, 47 mtb and a half marathon)
finisher Alternatieve Elfstedentocht 2014 (200 km ice skating tour)

Robin Deroeck 03

Goals 2017

X Triathlon: Extreme full triathlon in England
London Edinburgh London: 1400 km bike ride
The Brutal Double Triathlon: double triathlon