Travis T


Travis has experienced a strange form of euphoria every time he has ridden a bicycle, starting from the very first time his dad pushed him down the sidewalk as a toddler (which he still remembers with vivid clarity.) Since then, it’s been a lifetime addiction.

On his 18th birthday he got a job as a bike messenger in Portland (nobody would hire him until he was old enough), and worked as a courier there and in San Francisco for years. In 1996 he won the Single Speed category of the Cycle Messenger World Championships.

After getting sucked into road racing by some friends, he trained hard and secured many podiums along the way to becoming a sponsored Category 2 racer. He stood on many podiums including the Northern California Districts Time Trial Championship, Cascade Classic Stage Race, Elkhorn Classic Stage Race, even beating Floyd Landis in a time-trial at Valley of the Sun Stage Race.

He was only 2 points away from a Category 1 upgrade before breaking the head off his femur in a gnarly crash. He had to start over (learning to walk again first), working hard to get back into the road racing peloton.

At this point he began to hear the call of dirt and nature and has been racing cyclocross and riding mountain bikes. These days he is thrilled by riding in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, enjoying the chess-game strategy that rough terrain brings to the endorphins of riding fast. He has also started running for the the first time in his life, and is currently training for his first Half Marathon.

This will be Travis’ first season racing mountain bikes, and he is excited about using the platform of the Vegan Athlete Racing team to raise awareness for the vegan diet and cruelty-free lifestyle.


2016 Bidwell Bump MTB Race
CrossCountry: 17th
SuperDownhill: 21st
All Mountain Challenge: 18th

2016 Independence Day 5K:
1st Place Age Group

2016 Running Down the Walls 5K:
3rd Place Men