VEGAN ATHLETE Racing is a 12 person strong international endurance race team competing in a wide range of disciplines from road and mountain bike racing to triathlons, marathon running, obstacle courses, and ultra running. We are an amateur team of regular work-a-day people with families and this makes us relatable and approachable.  We are very passionate about what we do and make it a priority to be available to other racers and their families to answer questions, disprove  assumptions, and tout the products of our partners which we use and love.

Our greatly expanded 2017 team, consists of Max Diaz (Homewood, AL), Robin Deroeck (Belgium), Hyland Fisher (Chico, CA) Edward Gieda III (Philadelphia, PA), Nicholas X Gjoka (Atlanta, GA), Jeany Hill (Anaheim, CA), Robynn Jenkins
(Old Forge, PA), Julie Kanagy (Felton, CA), Dave & Lisa Kriz (Castle Rock, CO), Mike Manthey (Faye􀆩 eville, GA), Jacob Ort (Reynoldsburg, OH), Corey Spilman (Columbus, OH), Travis T (Chico, CA), and Robert Walsh (Wethersfi eld, CT).

Individual racer profiles coming soon!