VEGAN ATHLETE Racing joined forces in early 2014 to speak with a larger voice than we could individually. We are motivated by the desire to prove that an athlete cannot just survive, but excel on a completely plant based diet. Which we do, time and time again.

We share our racing, training, equipment, food and stories on various social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, and our website.
We make it a priority to be available to other racers and their families to answer questions, disprove assumptions, and tout the equipment we use, abuse, and love.

Our mission is to be supportive, positive, informative, in inspirational to all we come in contact with. We love what we do and all the great sponsors we team with.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors for their support in the 2016 race season. We have raced, and ridden all throughout the US and Europe.

2017 VAR Team Grid 170124_Page_1.jpg

Our greatly expanded 2017 team, consists of Max Diaz (Homewood, AL), Robin Deroeck (Belgium), Hyland Fisher (Chico, CA) Edward Gieda III (Philadelphia, PA), Nicholas X Gjoka (Atlanta, GA), Jeany Hill (Anaheim, CA), Robynn Jenkins
(Old Forge, PA), Julie Kanagy (Felton, CA), Dave & Lisa Kriz (Castle Rock, CO), Mike Manthey (Faye􀆩 eville, GA), Jacob Ort (Reynoldsburg, OH), Corey Spilman (Columbus, OH), Travis T (Chico, CA), and Robert Walsh (Wethersfi eld, CT).

Please check us out on social media:
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/VEGANATHLETERacing/
Strava- http://www.strava.com/clubs/vegan-athlete-racing-104701

Please check out our sponsors:






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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mason K. Brown said:

    Hi! I just read the story in Adventure Sports Journal about this, and am quite inspired. I have been vegan since August 27th of 2016, and am training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in pole vault. I know that this organization is endurance-based, but I would love to get connected in some way.

    As a committed athlete, I want to use my effort and my success as inspiration for others to choose to follow a vegan lifestyle.

    Thank you,


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